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SEAT is an exclusive consortium dedicated to be the best forum for the professionals & executives in the sports & entertainment industry as the ONLY Peer-Driven Industry Conference in the World.

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 What's NEW AT SEAT?

InfoSEAT blends together the ‘best of the best’ in the Sports Entertainment industry. The long-held reputation of SEAT is sports collaboration platform and Info~Tech’s in-depth tools and resources will be a ‘must-have’ for every CIO in the industry. “

Steve Reese, CIO at Phoenix Suns

Join us for Digital Conversations

  • New ways to engage your fans in the new world!
  • Driving revenue through digital and fan engagement analytics
  • New types of innovative activations and analytics around sponsorships
  • Digital Marketing – strategic and tactical best practices and case studies
  • Fan Engagement – Innovative solutions to keeping your fans loyal, creative immersive experiences in a virtual world and facing the industry challenges.

Data & BI Hot Conversation Topics

  • Value-Add Data & Insights
  • Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics – Best Practices, Case Studies and Collaborative Discussions
  • Data Warehouse & Data Lakes -The best data warehouse platforms to increase analytics access; Best practices managing customer data and integrating with 3rd party tools
  • Driving Revenue through data, and analytics
  • Innovative Activations And analytics around marketing partners and sponsorships

Let's Talk Tech!

  • Getting fans back to the venue – technologies that will help create safe environments for your fans
  • Venue Technologies & IoT – creating immersive experiences for fans through innovative technologies
  • Cyber & Data Security – best practices from leading experts 
  • Smart Cities & Smart Venues – lessons learned, new tech and best practices for embracing the evolution of creating experiential venues with operational efficiencies
  • Future Tech and how implement for the safety of your fans and sponsors – AI, IoT, BlockChain and Disruptive innovations

Just A Few of The Sessions We Are Working on For You:

  • “The Evolving Role of the IT Leader – New Pivots, Challenges & Balancing Priorities”
  • “Transitioning an Organization to Becoming A Data Driven Company”

  • “Re-Evaluating & Evolving CRM & BI Essential Strategies “

  • Fireside Chat : Christine Stoffel-Moffett with Jonathan Becher CEO of San Jose Sharks

  • ” Global Women Leaders of Sports & Entertainment – Leading with Mindfulness”

  • “The Renewed Focus on CyberSecurity: Strenthening Your Organization’s Security Posture”
  • “Today’s Global Climate and the Pivot of the Sports Industry”
  • “Listening and Responding to Fan Feedback”
  • “Keeping Fans Engaged and Loyal”
  • “Digital Innovation Transformed”
  • “Reflections and Learnings”

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After respectfully giving the Global SEAT Community time during 2020 to acclimate to a new way of doing business, SEAT is ready to launch a full year of content, discussions, panels, best practices and strategic tips with engaging discussions!

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We realize your technology investments must be made with mindful considerations with innovative brands whom will be dedicated to taking your organization to new heights of success.

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