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We are happy to announce the addition of Joshua Barney and Chaz Walker to our team here at SEAT. Josh will be assuming the role of CEO and Chaz will be working on our Business Development.

Josh Barney

Josh Barney has been married to Colette for 25 years and has 4 amazing kids with her and 2 wonderful dogs. Josh graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Administration from the Weber State University. He worked in the NBA for the Utah Jazz for 12 years in various capacities. He served as the Director of Esports and Technology for the Delta Center and he started their esports team, Jazz Gaming, and served as the GM for 3 years. He also oversaw the technology portion of the 2017 Delta Center and practice facility renovations.

Chaz Walker

Dir of Business Development
Chaz Walker married to wife Christie have 3 beautiful children. Chaz played college football at the University of Utah where he was a Captain for 2 years. Spent time at the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks before being cut. Chaz graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communications from the University of Utah. He has been an entrepreneur for 12 years starting multiple companies in the youth sports, sports events, digital marketing. and medical fields.

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